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October 25, 2010

Hello My Name is JAGGAR

Name: Jaggar
Where are you from: NYC
Where do you live: NYC
Your favorite color: black
Favorite band: Radiohead and Led Zeppelin
Favorite article of clothing: leather shorts, cheetah blouse (and coat), Zadig and Voltaire buckle boots, yetti bag
Fashion obessions: gold Dior Homme boots
Guy crush: Justin Hawkins (lead singer of The Darkness) and of course Jack White
Girl crush: Erin Wasson
Favorite movie: American Beauty and Once
Favorite song: Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
What you want to be when you grow up: astronaut
Where you want to live: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Favorite place in the world: New Zealand
Three random facts about you:
1. I cannot sleep under sheets
2. I collect vynl's (mainly steal my dad's old ones)
3. I always read the last pages of a book first 
Life moto: always do what you're afraid of
Favorite food: blt
Favorite designer: Proenza Schouler
Best store in NYC: Forever21
One thing you love: dreamers
Favorite quote: 'Money walks, shits talk'- my mother
Favorite book: The Truth About Diamonds- Nicole Richie
Favorite show: Criminal Minds and Weeds
Pet peve: oranges, orange, orange scent, anything ORANGE
Dream: to fulfill my dreams, to never grow up and to never be a realist
Addiction: concerts and oreos
Favorite drink: iced coffee
One thing you could never live without: my ipod

Hello My Name Is BARROW

Name: Barrow
Where do you live: NYC
Your favorite color: dark purple
Favorite article of clothing: All jackets, especially blazers
Fashion obsessions: Magazines and coffee table books
Guy crush: Johnny Depp
Girl crush: Angelina Jolie
Your favorite movie: Run Lola Run
Your favorite song: Human- The Killers
What do you want to be when your older: too many things
Where do you want to live: Brooklyn
Favorite place in the world: My home
Three random facts about you:
1. I live a double life
2. I'm constantly chewing gum
3. My first boyfriend was gay
Life motto: 'No Regrets' 
Favorite food: Chocolate
Favorite designer: Rag and Bone, Balmain
Best store in NYC: Amacord Vintage Fashion
One thing you love: Life (and chocolate)
Favorite book: Truth about Diamonds- Nicole Richie
Addiction: chocolate, my computer
Favorite drink: chai tea
One thing you could never live without: the internet

Hello Earthlings

Hi, we are Jaggar and Barrow. We created this blog to share with everyone the photos we love and the city we adore. To give you an idea about who we are, we have filled out a questioner so you can get to know us a little better. If you have any more questions feel free to comment!